The ability to speak clearly and with confidence is a critical skill required in any role. 

If you are working in a technical environment and wish to become a better communicator with technical or non technical audiences then this course is for you.

Get guidance for prepared and formally delivered speeches and discover how to use and develop those skills in everyday situations.

Easy to follow lessons, guided worksheets and quizzes ensure understanding this course is an ideal companion in your journey to becoming a better speaker. 

Use the discussion forum to get direct feedback from the instructor or other course members.

Watch Intro Video

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Why enrol

  • Gain confidence speaking up

  • Prepare for more senior roles

  • Clearly communicate technical information

  • Prepare for customer facing roles

  • Present your own start-up

  • Improve your speaking skills

What's included

  • Manageable bite sized lessons

  • Practical exercises to fit your environment

  • Course discussion forum

  • Handy downloads to jog your memory

  • Planning sheets you can use daily

  • Ask the instructor

Course curriculum

  • 1

    About this course

  • 2

    General thoughts on public speaking

    • Skills you can apply daily

    • Exercise : Challenges and opportunities

    • Exercise: Observing others

  • 3

    Speaking skills - an overview

    • Aspects of good speaking

    • Observations and next steps

    • The general purpose of your speech

    • Opportunities in the workplace

    • Quiz : General purpose of a speech

    • What are speaking skills

    • Exercise : Skills observation

  • 4

    The specific purpose of your speech

    • Understanding your specific purpose

    • Determine your specific purpose

    • Using the GASO line

    • Exercise: Reviewing your GASO line

    • Review: The specific purpose of your speech

  • 5

    Making your point

    • Making your point

    • Clarify your point

    • Organise your thoughts

    • Quiz : Speech organisation selection

  • 6

    Opening and closing

    • Opening and closing introduction

    • Opening words objectives

    • Effective openings

    • Quiz : Effective openings

    • Exercise: Effective openings

    • Effective closing

    • Quiz : Effective closing

    • Exercise : Opening and closing observations

  • 7

    Effective use of language

    • Using the right words

    • Handling jargon

    • Effective language review

    • Exercise: Avoiding jargon

  • 8

    Preparation and nerves

    • Why and how to prepare

    • Preparation with no notice

    • Controlling nerves

  • 9

    Better delivery

    • Body language and voice introduction

    • Body language

    • Using your voice

  • 10

    Course review

    • Summary

    • What next?